All Christians are called to witness about their faith. Evangelism - Seek and Save the Lost. There's nothing more important than where you will spend eternity. So when you have eternal salvation found in Christ Jesus alone, you should desire to see others saved too.  Some wonderful references to help you learn to share your faith more effectively are:


Videos and Training Programs

Way of the Master television series on video by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.  You can purchase these videos at wayofthemaster.com.  They will show you how to biblically and effectively share your faith with others.  The web-site also has great resources for gospel tracts, books and other videos.

Way of the Master basic training program by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.  You can find the eight session training program at wayofthemaster.com.

The School of Biblical Evangelism is an excellent on-line program that teaches you how to effectively and biblically share your faith.  You will learn how to witness to people with various other religious backgrounds.  You can find this training program at wayofthemaster.com.

Becoming a Contagious Christian Training Program by Mark Mittleberg and Lee Strobel.  This is a six week training program that is very good and can be found at contagiouschristian.com.


Evangelism Books

The Way of the Master  Ray Comfort

Master Plan of Evangelism  Robert Coleman

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism  Mark Dever

The Unexpected Adventure  Lee Strobel and Mark Mittleberg


Ways to Share Your Faith

1. Hand out gospel tracts.  You can hand out gospel tracts to people you meet.  You can hand them to a clerk after you pay for your purchase.  If you are too nervous to speak to anyone, you can leave the tract with your tip when you pay at a restaurant.  You can leave them in the seat when you leave.  You can put them in phone books, etc.

2. Write Messages with Sidewalk Chalk.  You can direct people to web-sites.  For example, seekandsavethelost.com, bornofhim.org, or deathescape.com.

3. Yard signs.  You can put up a small yard sign (like a garage sale size sign) with web-sites or a short message.  You can put these signs in your yard or at the corner of a busy street in your area.

4. One to One Witnessing.  You can witness to friends, family members or strangers.  Its better to have zeal with knowledge, so please go through a sound training (like the ones mentioned at the beginning of the page).  If you are unsure how to approach people, the best thing to do is to talk about something in the natural (sports, weather, etc.) then swing the conversation to the spiritual.  This is very biblical and Jesus did this when he spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:7-14).

5. Bumper Stickers.  If you don't see any bumper stickers that you like, you can have your own made at a sign company like Signs Now.

6. Open Air Preaching.  God may call you to do open air preaching.  You can go to several good web-sites about open air preaching.  You can go to wayofthemaster.com, openairpreaching.com, pinpointevangelism.com, evangelismteam.com, evangelizeyourcity.com, etc.

7. Internet.  You can post videos on youtube.com, set up a web-site, etc.  Listen to God and see where he is leading you.

8. Prayer Booth.  You can set up a prayer booth along side the road, at a flea market, farmers market, etc.  Wherever people are gathered, offer to pray for their needs and be sure to ask them about their eternal salvation and be willing to pray with them about their salvation.  Where they spend eternity is the most important thing period (even if they don't realize it yet).  For more information go to:


9. Be Open.  Listen to the Holy Spirit and be obedient to whatever He is calling you to do.  God may ask you to witness in ways that aren't even mentioned here.