1. r.d.

    Idont get what you mean, if you mean the northpoint church, and the gathering, is a problem, I agree, sounds worldly to me, and pagan, a lot of these churches, are not only worldly but satanic, new age, , its a gathering alright, just not for our , that’s probably why they don’t want any tracts, there not real, and no jesus there, , , saw you on craigslist, the real crowd may be small, but its real, , jesus said way is narrow, few be that find it therein., praise god, your out there, bless you , for doing , what others , due to life and work, cannot, and it takes courage, may god bless you. truly hope your church, is real thing, , most are not, sacred, and holy, is his ways, not modern church music, or all other stuff, does your pastor preach repentance, ect.?,

    • dennis@seekandsavethelost.com

      I’m sorry the point wasn’t clear. Some people profess to be Christians, but are really false converts. There are bound to be false converts in any large crowd. My church has modern worship music. Yes, my pastor preaches the Gospel and the need for people to repent and put their faith in Jesus. Thanks, Dennis

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