1. Akuoma Ekere

    This is the old time message that is gradually getting lost in the midst of the modern day preaching. But for me, I still say; give me that Old Time Religion”, it’s good enough for me.

    However, I have a question because I want to know in order to take correction, the statement that ýou are ok playing game’…please is it refering to playing any kind of game like tennis, Ludo, Cards etc. I need clarification please

    • dennis@seekandsavethelost.com

      Thank you for your comments and I’m sorry for the confusion about the playing games. What I meant was God is serious about our sins, so serious that He sent Jesus to suffer, bleed and die for those who repent and trust Him. I was saying God is serious, He’s not playing around; He’s not playing games. Then I also said that we shouldn’t play games with God. In other words we should be serious too. We can’t fool God and we shouldn’t try to fool Him. People need to repent and surrender their lives to Jesus. I wasn’t talking about any kinds of actual games, I was talking about how serious God looks at sin. Thanks, Dennis

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