1. Doug Byrd

    I think street preaching is one of the best methods, some people won’t go in the church and others that are in a church are not hearing the true gospel the true Gospel cuts like a knife and pierces there hearts, I also think the preachers in the church should street preach from time to time and bring people from the church and that would help spark a fire and get more Christians to witness

    • dennis@seekandsavethelost.com

      Amen! Charles Spurgeon used to say that one of the first things preachers should do after graduating from college was to open-air preach.

  2. Charles

    Waste of time. Nobody wants to hear this nonsense when innocent children are being shot in the face at school. Brave police officers are killed in cold blood and your so called loving God sits in silence and allows it all happen before him. Give me a break. Go out and feed the homeless, adopt a child, mentor a child, get a real job and give to charity. do something constructive for society instead of preaching fairy tales on the sidewalk.

    • dennis@seekandsavethelost.com

      Charles, it’s very interesting that you don’t know me and yet you judge me. Well, I do help feed the homeless, my wife and I have adopted two children and we sponsor a child in Uganda and I work a full time job. So thank you for advice, but I’m already doing what you have so graciously suggested. Now to the real issue, you know God is real because you have a God-given conscience. You also can look around and see that God is real. As far as your first issues, we live in a fallen world. All you have to do is read Genesis 3 to understand this. There is evil in the world because men’s hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). Finally, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim God isn’t real and then blame Him for everything. You know God is real (Romans 1:18-24). Repent and believe the Gospel.

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